Read how Abbey decided to change her life for to become an NZ Bikini athlete champion, a qualified personal trainer & nutritionist, host, celebrity speaker, business owner and  become a stronger, motivated and positive individual!

ABBEY's Story

I was born in little New Zealand and have grown up in a very small City called Nelson until 2017. 

2017 I ventured up to Auckland. (New Zealand's biggest city) to further my career in the Health & fitness industry. 


 From the first day I started school I feel in love with sport. Every day I would play different sports competitively. 

When I made it to HighSchool I finally found my favourite sport which was Volleyball. 

Don't get me wrong, I was never "fat" but I was a little bit bigger than the other girls that made me feel SO unconfident and self-conscious. 

I remember playing volleyball and wearing my uniform which consisted of black spandex shorts and a top.Every time I took a step I felt like I had to try waddle to stop my thighs from touching! (I was so embarrassed!) 

This for me made my heart sink! Compared to the other girls in my team that were so athletic and popular I felt like I didn't fit in!

The Turning Point 

This was the turning point for myself and my fitness career! 

I decided to start going to the school gym at lunchtimes with my friends & started trying to eat healthier. My big brother had studied personal training so one day I convinced him to take me in for a session! I pushed myself SO SO far! I did not want to let him down and I really wanted to show him that I was serious about wanting to change! 

 Literally for a weak after my whole body was sore! I felt so limb and fatigued.. But, I LOVED it! It was a feeling of triumph in a way, a feeling that I was making progress, and this was a feeling I fell in love with. 

Bikini Athlete Competitions 

The more I invested time in the gym the more I fell in love with it and wanted to pursue a career in it! This is where I found out about Bikini Competitions! I loved the way thee women glowed on stage, for myself it showed beauty and strength as I knew just how hard work it would take to get my physique o that level. 

I'm a very competitive individual and I loved that this sport is all on you. I loved the fact that every day I was progressing, pushing myself further and achieving awesome goals! Bikini Competitions was the perfect drive for me! 

in 2015 I won the Miss Figure Overall South Island & 2016 I progressed on to win the title Miss Junior Bikini Champion New Zealand" 

2017 I travelled to the Arnold Classic Australia where I placed in the top 10 for junior bikini. 

What's Next? 

2018 My goal is to help women around the world achieve their fitness & health goals! Everyone has insecurities and my goal is to help you push through that and turn your insecurities into strengths!  Everyone deserves to feel confident in who they are and motivated to be more! 

Through out all of my fitness challenges and personal coaching I promote a Balanced Lifestyle! 

My meal plans are designed to keep in the foods that you love and sustain a healthy lean physique year around. My meal plans Include yummy meals and easy + quick recipes that have been calculated to your requirements. 

This has been a huge highlight for my clients and has helped numerous women overcome "anxiety and food issues". Hearing testimonials as above just make my heart jump with joy! I have in the past experienced "food issues" and this adds to healping women to have a balanced and happy lifestyle! 

For my fitness regimen, my passion is in the gym, however I also have a love for the outdoors! I'm a big advocate that training to transform yourself doesn't have to just be in the gym! A lot of my own training incorporates a lot of outdoor hill walks, paddle boarding, kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking etc! 

Incorporating these elements makes exercising easy and my custom workout plans keep in these elements of exercise that you love. 

Through staying persistent with weight training & goals I have now become a New Zealand Bikini Champion, fitness model, qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, host, celebrity speaker, sponsored athlete, business owner and have become a Healthier, happier, mentally stronger and far more confident person. 

No matter where your starting point is, I want to show you that any goal is achievable. Life is about being happy within yourself! Setting your own goals and smashing them! Being confident in your own skin and not letting anyone else control your happiness!

Success Stories!


I just wanted to say thank you so much! These passed 6 Weeks have been amazing and I've got my love for the gym back. I've noticed so many changes from actually losing weight to being able to squat 50kg!! To my skin clearing up and being able to go for 30minutes on the stairmaster. So many things I would have missed back when I was so focussed on getting that number on the scale down and not actually doing it the healthy sustainable way. I really really appreciate it!

- Trisha Stutt

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you for the last six weeks! At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I would make it to the end but this programme has showed me how strong i can be if I put my mind to something. I use to have so much anxiety around food and portion sizes but your programme has helped me so much that I don’t feel that anxiety anymore. I have not only lost weight but gained so much confidence and also happiness, finally losing the weight I have wanted to for so long!

- Rachel Leadbetter 

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