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Read how Abbey decided to change her life to become an NZ Bikini Athlete Champion, a qualified personal trainer & nutritionist, host, celebrity speaker, business owner and become a stronger, motivated and positive individual!

Custom Coaching 


Your custom program will reflect your personal goals, from the training and nutrition, down to the nitty gritty details to create the perfect plan for you to achieve your goals!! 


Do I have to have a gym membership? 

Yes & No! It's your choice! 

I recommend having a gym membership however I can create the perfect at home workout suited to you! 

Do I cater for Vegans and vegetarians? 

Yes I do! All of this information is required on your nutrition questionnaire that you receive from myself (Abbey) once you have bought a program. I cater for all diets and food allergies/intolerances. For example: vegan, paleo, vegetarian, pescetarian celiac, 

Will I get a Personalised Meal Plan? 

YES, all of my Challenges and programs  include a personalised meal plan and recipes. Your Meal Plan is designed to suit your requirements, including food intolerances and tastes.You’re Vegetarian? Don’t like Red Meat? Lactose Intolerant? No problem.

I can create the perfect meal plan to your requirements.

Do I get check-ins? 

YES we have an official progress check-in every 4 weeks! After the check in you will receive your new meal & training plan! I will also contact you atleast 1x per week just to check in how everything is going and to keep your motivation levels high! Remember if you have any questions or concerns you can reach me at:

Do I have to live in New Zealand to enter the 6 Week Shred? 

NO! the 6 Week Shred is open to everyone to enter!

Do you create personalised programs for men and women? 

YES! My programs are made to the individual for men & women specialising in fat-loss, muscle gaining & balanced lifestyle programs.


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